With thanks to our helpline supporters

Richie Driss

Richie Driss (Presenter)

“Lockdown has been really difficult for everyone. You may have heard that Black and Minority Ethnic people have been affected by the Coronavirus in larger numbers. It can be scary not understanding how things have changed or explaining how changes have affected you.  That’s why I am pleased to see the launch of helpline service for the Black and Minority Ethnic children and young people and families which has been set up to offer support through this difficult time.”

Sonali Shah

Sonali Shah (Journalist and Presenter)

“We know that vulnerable children and families within our Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic communities have been hit hardest by the virus. They’re suffering the loss of loved ones, financial hardship and mental health issues. This helpline is the first of its kind offering a UK-wide support service to help these families tackle a unique and complex range of issues.”

Heather Small

Heather Small (Singer)

“Many of our vulnerable children and families within our Black, Asian and Minority ethnic communities already suffer existing inequalities which have been compounded by the devastating impact of COVID-19. Now more than ever, we need a UK-wide specialist helpline and therapeutic support they can access.”

Priyanga Burford

Priyanga Burford (Actor)

“The upheaval that we've all experienced during this pandemic- even if we haven't been unwell- has been huge. For vulnerable children and young people, it has added stress and isolation to what may be already very difficult circumstances. What we know from the data is that those from non-white ethnicities have been disproportionately hurt during this time. I'm very glad to be giving my support to this Barnardos initiative to help those from vulnerable communities get their needs heard and access to good support.”

Ameet Chana

Ameet Chana (Actor)

“In these unprecedented times, it is clear that though we have all been affected, members of our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities have been hit hardest. Young people within our communities are witnessing a higher number of deaths of relatives and friends from Covid-19, redundancies and family businesses collapsing overnight leading to mental health issues, exposure to various addictions and abuse in the home. If ever we needed a UK-wide specialist helpline from Barnardo's to support our youth, it is now.”

Reshmin Chowdhury

Reshmin Chowdhury (Presenter)

“Everyone has been affected by the terrible virus but statistics show that those from Black and minority ethnic communities have been hit particularly hard. I’m delighted to support the launch of this unique helpline which has been designed with the support of young people and specialist culturally competent staff with the necessary skills to understand the issues our communities are facing. This service will support young people and their families in building resilience and help them tackle a complex range of issues.”

Fatima Whitbread

Fatima Whitbread (Former Athlete)

“Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic children and young people are already 1.5 times more likely to be young carers. The lack of access to existing services during lockdown, the impact of COVID-19, and effects of the lockdown will have seen more children take on caring responsibilities. This new UK-wide helpline will offer a lifeline to those young carers who desperately need our support.”

Nina Wadia

Nina Wadia (Actor)

“I was delighted to hear that the National Emergencies Trust is funding Barnardo’s to launch the first UK-wide helpline for children and families from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities who have been disproportionately adversely affected by Covid-19. This pandemic has had a profound impact on our children, young people and their families who are suffering bereavement, increased racism and isolation. Statistics tell us that Black people are far more likely to die or become seriously ill from this virus, and South Asian and dual heritage people also have a significantly increased risk. This vital service will offer our communities somewhere to turn to when they need it most. “

Jamie Baulch

Jamie Baulch (Former Athlete)

"For Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic children and young people, during lockdown depression increased 9.2%, suicidal thoughts by 26.6%, and anxiety  by 11.4% compared to last year, which are all bigger increases than their white peers. They need this new helpline more than ever."