Barnardo’s 網上英語會話小組 2022-2023

conversation club

多與本地人溝通交流是融入英國生活的最好方法。或許我們會對自身的英語能力沒有信心:擔心英文不佳令我們說話不流暢、擔心如何與本地人展話題、擔心難以用英文貼切有禮地表達我們的想法、擔心文化差異造成溝通誤會。不斷多聽多說就是最好的改善英語的方法。Barnardo’s 為此提供輕鬆又安全的平台讓各位新移英港人與我們一起輕鬆聊天。快來參加我們的網上英語會話小組,一齊歎杯茶,輕輕鬆鬆吹吓水!


時間: 下午1時至2時

地點: Microsoft Teams線上會議

題目: 如何度過暑假


活動名額先到先得。參加者將獲電郵通知確認參加活動資格。如有查詢,請電郵與我們聯絡 (

Barnardo’s Online English Conversation Club 2022-2023

The best way to integrate in the UK is to socialise with local people, however we might worry about language fluency, how to start conversations with local people and how to express our thoughts accurately and politely. The key to improving your English is continuous practice.  Barnardo’s is here to provide a relaxed and secure platform for you to chat with others.  Come and join us with a cup of tea.

Date: Thursday 25th August 2022

Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Venue: Microsoft Teams meeting

Topic: Summer holiday experiences


Our registration is on first come first serve basis.  A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided in Microsoft Form.  Please email us ( if you have any further enquiries.