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Supporting information for Professionals

Boloh Helpline

Our vision is to see Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic children, young people and families develop their inner strength to respond to the challenges of the pandemic.

We know that we are unable to do this without working in partnership with professionals like you, so please get in touch for further information.

Professionals can contact the helpline if they would like to make enquiries about the service, to seek advice on how to support their service users, and to refer someone to the helpline for advice and/or therapeutic support.

Getting in touch for professionals

To contact us, or refer a child or family through to the helpline (with their consent), you can do so via:

Free phone: 0800 151 2605


What to expect

How can Boloh Helpline help?

Boloh Helpline currently is running two projects to support; 

  • Parents/ Carers with children who may develop coughs, colds and respiratory illnesses during the winter months 

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing of Adult Asylum Seekers  

We are available to talk: 

Monday – Friday 10am-8pm 

Saturday-Sunday 10am-3pm 

How do I refer a family to the Helpline?

You can provide them with the Helpline’s number and ask them to get in contact. They can also make contact via our web chat which can be accessed via the website. Our Advisor’s speak a range of languages and can use interpreters when this is required. 

You can also refer someone to the Helpline using our online referral form. The secure form will be sent directly to an advisor who will then make contact.

Free phone: 0800 151 2605


Can support be provided in different languages?

Our helpline advisors can provide a service in English, Arabic, Urdu, Punjabi, Mirpuri, Luganda, Ruyankole, Rukiga, Rutooro and Kinyarwanda. 

The therapeutic sessions can be provided in the following languages including English, Gujarati, Urdu, Pashto, Bengali, French, Spanish, Arabic, Punjabi, Mirpuri, Pothwari, Hinko, Hindi and Sundhi. 

Interpreters can be used when this is required. 

We've included downloads of this information below, along with a poster that can be displayed.  

We've included downloads of this information below, along with a poster that can be displayed. 


"I just wanted to get in touch to say how grateful we have been for the support offered by Boloh which has been a lifeline for us and has quite possibly saved lives!

It has been very difficult to meet the level of emotional and mental wellbeing needs experienced by our students, so it has been incredible to have access to this resource.

Feedback from students who have accessed the support has been exceptional and we have seen a definite change in their presentation in school, notably in a reduction in anxiety and behaviour incidents. It is commendable as well that there is such a quick turnaround from the point of referral to a young person being able to meet with a therapist."

- Deputy Headteacher

"After having exhausted her financial assistance from BRC, one of our Service Users found that her situation had not changed, and her circumstances required additional support. 
A short search led me to contact Andrew Tubman ,who, was extremely helpful in explaining the referral methods and remit of the team.

It has been extremely easy for me to since, make numerous referrals through the convenient online form. It is a greatly appreciated bonus working with Barnardo's to also receive updates on clients' cases.

I have personally referred a range of people, including families/those experiencing street destitution/ those with barriers to their legal entitlements/ those struggling to meet their daily needs.

A particular highlight was being able to acquire 2 tablets (and data) for vulnerable Service Users, who's education will greatly and directly benefit from these generous gifts.
We have also been very grateful to receive food assistance as well.  

My final point to add about the close working relationship BRC has been able to form with Barnardo's, is how fantastic the staff are at communications and how tirelessly they work to ensure they provide timely responses to our requests for assistance. It is always a pleasure to have contact with the staff, they are friendly, personable, professional to deal with and are a true credit to the organization.

Many thanks for all the continued support."

- Project Officer, Merseyside