UASC helpline

Unaccompanied Young People Helpline

0808 500 0046

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Are you an unaccompanied asylum seeking young person living in London or the South East?Are you age 16-17?

Funded by the DfE we are pleased to announce the launch of our Helpline to support Unaccompanied Young people in supported accommodation. The pilot will run until the end of March 2024, initially to support young people in London & South East region. 

We are here to listen , provide emotional support and advice.

Our Advisor's speak a range of languages including Arabic, Kurdish, Farsi, Dari and Pashto.

If you’re a professional, you can also contact us to discuss how to support someone you are working with, or refer the young person (with their consent) to the helpline using our professional referral form.

Call us on 0808 500 0046  (freephone)

Whatsapp 07436 479079  (text only)

UASC whatsapp

You can contact us on Webchat by scanning the QR code below

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We are available to talk:

Monday – Friday      10am-8pm

Saturday    10am – 3pm

Who is the service for?

The Helpline is for unaccompanied young people age 16-17 living in supported accommodation across London and the South East region. We are hoping to expand the service across England in the very near future. 

How can you Help?

Our team can offer emotional support, advice and signposting. You can call as many times as you like. The Advisor will listen and help you to find a way forward. Our team will make any onward referrals if you want us to do that. 

What if I do not speak English?

Our team of Advisors speak lots of different languages, and we will match you with an Advisor who speaks your language. If we are not able to do this we will arrange for a call back or for you to speak with us through an interpreter.

Can I refer a young person?

Yes, You can refer the young person by calling our Helpline and speaking with an Advisor or by completing our professional referral form

Do you provide counselling?

Our Advisors can provide emotional support but are not therapists. We are hoping to be able to offer referrals for counselling support in the near future.

Are calls confidential?

Calls are confidential between you and the Advisor, unless we believe that your life is at risk or the life of another young person is at risk.