Parent Guide to Summer Holidays/ 家長暑假手冊

summer holidays

First of all I need to clearly say that I love my kids a lot; although summer holiday with kids can sometimes be a nightmare,  especially when you hear they repeatedly say ‘I’m bored’.  Keeping kids entertained and busy has driven me to look for summer holiday plans. I would like to share my ideas for parents who have newly arrived in UK.

先旨聲明, 我好愛我嘅小朋友, 亦都好喜歡同佢地相處。但係, 父母體力有限, 仔女精力無限。暑期流流長, 真係要制定暑假作戰計劃, 如何keep kids entertained!唔想每日都聽到佢地講「好悶呀!」我亦希望可以同咁多位初到英國生活嘅香港人父母, 分享下英國嘅暑假生活。

Visiting local authorities’ websites

You can find so much informative message on local authorities’ websites, including information about leisure and sport activities.   You can find the information of leisure centres, libraries and parks near you when you search keywords like ‘leisure’, ‘what’s on’ or ‘sports’.  There might be some summer activities in your local leisure centres, library and parks.  You can also visit Learning activities for your child  and Everyone Active to look for kids activities in your area.


唔好輕視地區政府的官方網頁, 頁裡有好多有用資訊, 包括消閒娛樂嘅資訊。你可以到居住地區嘅政府官方網頁, 用「leisure」、「what’s on」、「sports」等字眼搜尋資訊, 話唔定你屋企附近嘅leisure centre,  library and parks暑期限定嘅活動。你亦都可以透過以下網址Learning activities for your child Everyone Active尋找地區政府嘅相關資訊。


It is financially stressful when you need to pay for a lot of activities to keep your kids entertained. Most museums are free to the public to visit.  Find more information through Remember to check and make sure if booking is needed to secure your visit.


暑期活動, 少不免要去博物館。你可以到搵下有咩博物館啱心水。大部份博物館都係免費開放, 但記得去個別博物館嘅網貢睇吓需唔需要預約參觀, 唔駛去到摸門釘!

Leisure centre and water parks

Summer is the best season ever for water activities!  Go and check what is on in your local leisure centre.  Fancy for an attractive water park? Find it out from Top 10 UK Waterpark


夏天唔玩水, 唔通要等到冬天先嚟玩水咩。快啲去你屋企附近嘅Leisure centre望下有冇咩活動啦。仲可以計劃下行程, 去吓大型水上樂園Top 10 UK Waterpark

Musical theatre

Lion King is on show this summer (  It is time to practice Hakuna Matata with your kids.  Not interested in Lion King?  Frozen is also a choice.  Hopefully your children will not keep the song ‘Let it go!’ stuck in your brain after a night at the theatre.  If your kids are too young to sit still for a couple of hours   The Gruffalo  or Paw Patrol may be your best choice lasting less than1 hour.   You can google keywords such as ‘kids’, ‘family’ and ‘musical’, ‘theatre’.


暑期有獅子王Lion King嘅音樂劇上畫。係時候同仔女練習一齊唱Hakuna Matata。唔想唱Hakuna Matata, 可以考慮下唱Let it go , 因為冰雪奇緣Frozen都有音樂劇。擔心小朋友太細個坐唔定, 可以試下The Gruffalo或者Paw Patrol 呢一類型比較短嘅音樂劇。

Google 搜尋字眼: musical,  theatre,  family,  kids

Watching a movie

There are always attractive cartoon movies during the summer holidays.  There are Lightyear, Minions: The Rise of Gru,  DC League of Super-pets (PG),  Matilda this summer.  Remember to talk through the theatre etiquette with your kids; otherwise, your kids will keep on asking you to explain the movie during the show. 


無論香港定英國, 暑期梗係有老少咸宜嘅電影上映。今個暑假有Lightyear,  Minions: The Rise of Gru,  DC League of Super-pets (PG),  Matilda 等等未入場都叫人十分期待嘅電影。入場睇戲前, 記得同仔女做事前協議, 遵守戲院禮儀, 否則你觀賞電影期間, 會聽到小朋友不停問「點解嘅?點解嘅?點解會咁嘅?」


We always want our kids to eat more fruit and vegetables,  and kids are always happy to eat what they pick.  Summer is the official season for fruit-picking.  Search your nearest fruit farm or look for one in your local newspaper.  I am sure there is also news articles talking about fruit-picking every year.


我地常常鼓勵小朋友食多些蔬果。如果佢地可以參與摘水果環節, 佢地會食得特別起勁。夏天係摘水果嘅季節。你可以google search屋企附近有咩果園, 或者留意本地報章嘅報導。我相信每年嘅報紙都會提及夏季摘生果嘅消息。

School clubs

Parents need to earn money and may not have summer holidays off work like the kids do.  School holiday clubs are a great way to help with childcare. Most schools run holiday clubs in summer holidays, Christmas holidays, Easter holidays and even mid term breaks.  School holiday clubs can be quite expensive.  It would be normal to contribute half or most of your salary to holiday clubs.  Google the keywords ‘summer playgroup’, ‘summer camp’, ‘summer kids club’ to find out more.


父母忙著返工搵錢, 雖然都好想陪仔女一齊放暑假, 但有時候真係身不由己, 無辦法放假陪仔女周圍去。呢個時候, 學校嘅school holiday club係你嘅救星。無論係暑假、聖誕假、復活節假等等, 大部份英國嘅學校都會為各位父母提供holiday club, 減輕父母育兒壓力。(不過, school holiday club有時都幾貴, 父母份人工可能有一半拎左去交holiday club費用)你亦都可以搵下坊間嘅summer playgroup,  camp,  kids club。不過暑假已經開始, 有部份summer club可能已經截止報名。

Shopping mall

The reason for this idea is simple and clear: It's all about shopping and air-conditioning.  To make shopping fun, we can get kids to complete tasks.  Plan a shopping list with kids, buying some ingredients together and head back home to prepare a delicious meal together.  Before going to shopping, remember to clearly talk through kids the rules about what you expect and the rules about buying toys. For example, ‘Toys are not on the shopping list today.’

10 Largest Best Shopping Malls in UK

Shopping malls in England,  by Trip Advisor


呢個建議唔需要解釋吧? Shopping! 冷氣呀!  Shopping 係大人最愛, 但小朋友可能會覺得悶。不妨出門前同仔女訂立一張購物清單、請佢地幫忙一齊挑選及購買食材、返屋企一齊製作美味晚餐。家長要留意, 出發前做好協定, 否則小朋友都好想去shopping時買幾件玩具返屋企。

Paddling pools

Sometimes we might want to stay home and relax but, you know, kids will always ask to play video or computer games when they are at home.  It’s time for the paddling pool.  Get some water guns and water balloon and it will be a fun water fight.  Inviting kids’ friends to join will be fun too.  Kids play in back garden and parents take a little break and enjoy the sunshine.  To save the water bill, remember to reuse the water.  To keep the water clean, you can try to place a bowl of water near the paddling pool and make sure your kid steps into the bowl and cleans their feet before jumping into the paddling pool.  To clean the sun cream floating on water, try to put a tennis ball on it to absorb oil.  Last but not least, use the water to flush toilets, clean the floors and water the plants.


日日出街真係好攰,  父母有時都想喺屋企攤抖下。唔想仔女叫好悶想打機,  可以試下買個padding pool放喺後花園,  再買水槍或者水彈,  喺屋企來個水池大作戰。可以邀請埋仔女嘅朋友嚟屋企玩啊! 小朋友喺花園大戰,  父母喺屋企傾下計,  輕鬆下!想水池襟玩啲唔駛咁污糟, 可以放個大水盆, 俾小朋友踩過草地嘅雙腳過過水, 唔駛整污糟大水池。想清理浮喺泳池上嘅太陽油, 可以用網球幫下手吸走水池表面嘅油份。記著泳池嘅水循環再用, 拎去沖廁所、拖地、灌溉等等。

Local markets

There are always weekend markets where you can find artisan food and crafts.  Look for one in your town.  You can google the keywords like ‘Saturday Market’,  ‘Sunday Market’,  ‘Makers Market’,  ‘Local Market’ etc.


有啲市集係「期間限定」或者「假日限定」, 售賣自家制手作、新鮮農產品、蛋糕甜點。每個地方嘅市集都各有特色, 你可以搵下屋企附近有咩市集!你可以上網搜尋 Saturday Market,  Sunday Market,  Makers Market,  Local Market等等字眼。

Zoo, safari and aquarium

Search for ‘safari’, ‘zoo’ and ‘aquarium’ and you will find a handful of search results in ‘Top 10 zoo/ aquarium/ safari in UK’.  These are often kids’ favourite places.  Remember to keep your car safe when you go for a safari.  The only bad experience of going to safari is to be aware of the windshield wiper and side mirrors being ripped off by monkeys.  The good thing is that I don't drive a luxury car.


動物園及水族館必定會係小朋友至愛!去Safari時記得記得要注意行車安全!我試過去safari被馬騮拆咗個汽車水潑, 好彩我唔係用名車代步 搜尋「safari」、「zoo」、「aquarium, 你會搵到好多「英國10大動物園/水族館」嘅資料。

Annual events in UK

Buckingham palace opens to public from 22nd July to 2nd October this year. 

Balloon fiesta is held from 11th Aug to 14th Aug this summer. 

Check Annual Events in Britain 2022 and find out what’s more.  To save your budget, you can consider buying a rail card for your local trip.  But remember to check the latest news on rail strike to make sure your trip is ready to go.


白金漢宮今年由722日至1022日開放公眾參觀;碧仙桃(Bristol)喺今個暑期(811日至814)有熱氣球慶典;倫敦有全歐洲最大嘅加勒比街頭派對。想趁暑期去英國來個內陸小旅行, 不妨買rail card周圍去, 可以夾下啲節日慶典Annual Events in Britain 2022記得留意新聞資訊, 避開鐵路罷工嘅日子

A bike ride

To make bike ride attractive and meaningful for kids, you can make the destination of bike ride a park or an ice-cream shop.  Kids will be look forward to to the bike ride and parents can get exercise time too.


就咁叫仔女一齊去踩單車,  佢地未必好大興趣。但若果一齊踩單車去某個公園玩,  或者\踩去某個地方買雪糕食,  呢個踩單車節目會對佢地充滿意義。父母又可以一齊做下運動, 強身健體

Written by a Boloh Helpline Advisor 

You can always contact the Helpline for advice and support on 0800 151 2605 or email